Imperial Calcutta ~present day Kolkata has its mammoth heritage of excellence in all fields of modern civilization. The city’s Tercentenary proves the evidence of giving birth of Internationality acclaimed hero in every sphere of human activities like kingship~ art & culture ~ sports ~knowledge cultivation and religious practices . Originally, the then Kolkata was established and inhabited largely in north Kolkata and flourished latter on to the present day `City of Joy’. Hatkhola Institute was a body established by the local youths during pre-independence India as a social and cultural organization. Being inspired by the colourful activities of the past, Medical Bank a wing of this organization was established during 1980 with a motto to extend helping hand to the poor and down trodden by providing different of sorts Medical facilities and later on spreading its wings to social work also.

i) Collection of excess medicine/spectacles /Pacemaker for distribution to the common people

Charity begins at home is the proverb which motivated us to insists common people to donate the unused /excess medicine, spectacles and pacemaker for creating a bank of our own for distribution to the common people who don’t have the capacity to procure these at the time of their dire need. These practices are being run by us last 33 years with full satisfaction to the common people for their service.

ii) Organization of Blood donation camp through movement publicity as well as Blood collection for Thalassemia, Haemophelia.

Blood is a precious natural gift which cannot be created in the laboratory or otherwise except generated in the human body. Every drop of blood is so precious that at the time of saving human life, one can realises its utility. Blood donation for the purpose of saving life is a benevolent quality which few amongst us exercise. The scarcity of blood in the state reaches to its extreme during summer season as well as throughout the year and the demand over supply is dearer always.

To motivate people to donate blood for the people in distress is one of our numerous activities which we run ruthlessly throughout the state by publicity and campaign also

iii) Negative Blood Group Club

Negative blood is a rear group of blood for which limited number of doners exists in the society. Unless negative blood group holding persons are identified it is very difficult to collect this group of blood at the time of need. These experiences motivated us to create a negative blood group bank amongst the relative of the negative of the negative blood group holder and we have created successfully negative blood group club which has extended to its limits throughout the country.

iv) Health for all campaign through the state:

Normally common people are not much he health conscious such as their periodical Medical Check Up including chest, eye for maintaining a sound health. This is due to their lack of knowledge regarding drinking water, hygienic habits and less interest on health because of pecuniary conditions. Our aim is to run mass campaign about health consciousness for all.

v) Footpath Hospital:

The pavement dwellers earn their bread mostly working as domestic help and by physical labour. They mix up with large number of people of the society although they live in a very unhygienic condition that includes untidiness which causes spreading of infection to other people very often. It is observed that the spreading of certain contagious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Skin disease and other infectious disease are infected to the society from the pavement dwellers who comprises considerable number in the city. We have deep concern in this aspect and run Footpath Hospital time to time on footpath on different parts of the city to carry out health check up of adult and children footpaths on different parts of the city to carry out health check up of adult and children footpath dwellers to find out spreading infection of any such disease and also arrange for treatment.

vi) Senior Citizen Green Card:

Senior Citizens are mostly sick because of their geriatric diseases and unable to bear with the health problem which their facing day by day. Keeping in mind the helpless state of senior citizen due to their physical unfitness we have considered the issue very carefully by issuing Senior Citizen Green Card to them who needs regular medical checkup to maintain their health for a better life.

vii) Improving Body and Mind relation of the citizens for better life:

Mind is the root of all good and evil activities of the human being which sends signals to the body to act accordingly. Not only good health but also the sound mind cans only makes human being a good citizen in the society. Thus the health of both body and mind be maintain as simultaneously. Keeping in view this aspect of body and mind, we organise seminars and camps through propaganda for improving body and mind relation of citizens for better life.

viii) Organising education and sports, cultural activities with the help of Kolkata police for the street children’s and Child of Sex Workers ,Child Labour:

In order to make the children of street and sex workers more closed to the society and also to make them enlightened with the education, sports and cultural activities, Kolkata police have extended their helping hand to organized such programs. In collaboration with Kolkata Police different programs and competitions such as sports, drawing educational tour Viz to Zoo, museum is being organized at different times of the year.

ix) Anti Drug Movement:

Drug addiction is an alarming issue in the society particularly amongst the youths. Illicit drug trafficking is thus increasing day by day unless this issues are duly cared for society will face a decay. We handle the issue seriously by anti- drug Movement and also arranging for counseling of drug addicts and are getting good results for years together.

x) Legal Aid Service:

Poor and Down Trodden as well as common people always face different issues on family matters and properties which requires legal assistance to solve the issue. To get costly legal advice is unaffordable and unreachable too for them. They suffer mentally and socially also due to lack of proper legal advice at the time of need. We have experienced that number of complicated family issues particularly matrimonial can amicably by solved if proper legal advice can be provided to them at the need of the hour, We have our legal Aid Cell where legal advice are provided to the common people by experienced legal advisers who benevolently spare their valuable time regularly to solve issues successfully.

xi) AIDS~ awareness treatment of patient and movement in this regard:

AIDS and HIV cases are threat to the human society for its existence throughout the world. Proper guidance to handle AIDS and HIV patients is an inevitable must for the society because these patients are hatred like anything by the common mass although they are a member of our family. The AIDS and HIV patients are sometimes the curse of the society not for the fault of them but for others due to infection. AIDS now days are handle – able and cure –able issues if proper care is taken moreover awareness to avoid AIDS is mostly required in the society. We organise AIDS awareness treatment of patient and movement in this regard.